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5 Senses
& Tales



Welcome Song


We have five senses that we use everyday to help us think about the things around us. 

We have the sense of sight. We can see colors or shapes. 

We have the sense of taste. We know that ice cream is cold and tastes sweet and creamy. 

We can use our sense of smell. We can smell cookies baking, or flowers in the garden. 

We can hear things too. We can hear birds chirp, people talking, or kids playing. 

Lastly we have our sense of touch. We can feel if things are hot or cold, fuzzy or rough, soft or hard.

Book: My 5 Senses Aliki  

Flannel: Can you do this? 

Action Rhyme: 2 Little Eyes

2 Little Eyes to look around

Two Little Ears to hear each sound

One little nose to smell what’s sweet

One Little mouth that likes to eat 

Two little hands to touch and play

My five senses help me all day! 

Action Rhyme: I Can!  

My eyes can see 

My mouth can talk 

My ears can hear 

My feet can walk 

My nose can smell 

My teeth can bite 

My lids can flutter 

My hands can write  

But when the clock it’s time does show I’ll take my five senses and away we’ll go! 


Book: My Five Senses 

Song: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (Wiggles) 

Action Rhyme: Five Little Senses 

Five little senses are what I need,
To use when things are near.
I use my eyes to look and see.
I use my ears to hear.
I use my nose to smell things.
I use my hands to touch.
I use my mouth to taste
The things I love to eat so much.
Five little senses standing in a row,
To see, hear, smell, touch and taste
The things I need to know.


Book: You Smell and Taste and Feel and See and Hear 

Song: Sing a Song of Senses
(sung to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell")

We use our tongues to taste.
We use our tongues to taste.
We taste the flavors in our food.
We use our tongues to taste.

We use our ears to hear.
We use our ears to hear.
We hear noises loud and soft.
We use our ears to hear.

We use our eyes to see.
We use our eyes to see.
We see colors all around.
We use our eyes to see.

We use our noses to smell.
We use our noses to smell.
We smell flowers and perfume.
We use our noses to smell.

We use our hands to touch.
We use our hands to touch.
We touch things both smooth and rough.
We use our hands to touch. 


Book: My Five Senses by Margaret Miller


Have children and parents move around to different stations to describe how items feel, smell, sound, look, and taste.


Smell Station: Scent Detectives Smell Test: popcorn, coffee, banana chunks, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, onion, perfume, strawberry, vanilla 


Touch Station:

1.   Touch books

2.   Finger Detectives Ten Bags Touch and Tell

3.   Touch Folder Touch and Match

4.   Tricky Towels 



1. Play Musical instruments

2. Recording of sound effects

3. Shaking Jars find the loudest

4. Funneling Tones-Terrific Tubes

5. Paper Cup Phones 

6. Bending Ruler Sounds


Taste: 1. Find the item(s) that are: Salty (pretzels, chips, popcorn) Sour (sour patch kids) Sweet (watermelon)

2. Hold your nose taste test. Taste any different? 



1.   Magic Eye, I Spy, Where’s Waldo Books

2.   Drawing Pictures

3.   Picture Cards 1 &2

4.   What do you see? 5.    


Art Station: Make elephant finger puppets from SRC





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