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Body Parts (lesson 2)
& Tales





Bobo Introduction: Today weíre going to be talking about the different parts of our bodies. Weíll read stories and sing songs to help us learn about our body parts. 


Welcome Song:


Book: I Ainít Gonna Paint No More


Flannel: Here Are My Ears


Song/Game: Touch Your Nose

Touch your nose, touch your chin

Thatís the way this game begins.

Touch your eyes, touch your knees.

Now pretend youíre going to sneeze.

Touch your hair, touch one ear.

Touch your two red lips right here.

Touch your elbow where it bends.

Thatís the way this touch game ends.


Book: Beautiful Girl

lannel: Monkey In The Tree


Song: The Hokey Pokey (Greg and Steve Kidding Around #8)


Book: I Am Me


Poem: What do you suppose?


Fingerplay: Clap clap clap your hands with me


Book: I Like Me


Song: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (The Wiggles Toot, Toot, Toot #10)


Fee, Fi, fo, fum

See my fingers

See my thumb.

Fee, Fi, fo, fum

Goodbye fingers

Goodbye thumb.


Song: If Youíre Happy and You Know It



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